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Do you own house in Charleston, SC but live in a different state? Are you over paying a property management company to manage your tenants? Maybe, you’re over paying for maintenance on your property? Managing tenants from miles and miles away can be time consuming, money draining, and stressful work. Maybe, you’re a tired landlord? Often times, the amount of money made on the rental property doesn’t equal enough for your efforts.

What About The Property Management?

If you currently have a property in a different state, you may have a property management company in place. This can be a good and a bad thing. Depending on how organized and efficient your property management company operates. It can also b

Out of State

e costly compared to managing the property yourself from afar. We have worked with property management companies before during the purchasing process. We have no problem executing a new lease agreement, keeping the tenants in place, or honoring the already existing lease agreement. You can sellwithout the use of your property management company. As long as the property isn’t listed on the MLS. And if the sale of your property does not violate your property management agreement. We are happy to review those documents with you to see what is the best route for you. We can purchase the out of state property with cash. Without the use of the MLS or realtors. We can save you thousands on closing cost fees, realtor commissions, and attorney fees. If you’d like to find out more don’t hesitate to reach out.

Click on the video below to learn how The Charleston House Guy can help you sell your house fast, even if you live out of state!

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