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How Do I Sell My House Fast For Cash in South Carolina?

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Here’s the process…

Have you noticed the numerous “we buy houses” signs around town, or have you been sent mail from companies that offer to purchase your property? They all say the same thing – “we buy houses for cash” or “sell your house fast in any condition.” Yet, it can be challenging to determine if they will follow through on their promises. Moreover, the situation becomes even more confusing should you lack knowledge of how they operate.

How does the “we buy houses for cash” process work? Can it be that hassle-free and straightforward to sell your home quickly?

Is it so effortless?

Yes! Selling your house quickly and for cash is a straightforward process that simplefies the lives of sellers like you. You don’t need to lift a finger, as we’ll handle all the heavy lifting – managing documents, handling the sale transaction, etc. Our team has years of experience in successfully buying houses with cash, thus taking on this entire burden so that it’s an effortless and seamless journey for you.

That sounds great, but could you explain to me in more detail how it works?

The entire process can seem puzzling if you have never sold your house quickly for cash. Indeed, many questions must be addressed before committing to this sale.

Don’t worry; we understand your questions and have the necessary answers! To help you out, here is a list of our common questions about how to sell houses quickly and what the procedure looks like.

Selling your home for cash is only sometimes the optimal choice, so obtaining all the necessary information is essential to determine what will be most beneficial for you. Whether that includes selling your house for cash or exploring a different route, we are here to help you with whatever guidance you need along this journey.

What criteria do you use to determine a competitive offer price for my property?

Our cash offers are formulated based on four components that we have identified to be of importance.

how we make a cash offer 1

The Property’s After-Repair Value (ARV):

Calculating the After Renovated Value (ARV) of your home requires assessing comparable sales that were recently sold in the local area and are completely renovated. By doing so, we can determine an ARV for your property.

how we make a cash offer 2

Renovation and Repair Cost:

Following the purchase of a property, it is often necessary to renovate it to increase its worth and remain compliant with building codes. Repainting walls, retiling bathrooms, constructing patios, and replacing plumbing – these are just some of the potential improvements that could be made to enhance your home’s value.

how we make a cash offer 3

Selling Costs:

When we are ready to put your property on the market, certain costs may come with it. Fortunately for you, we will cover all commissions and fees when selling your house to us; however, other expenses such as taxes, insurance premiums, and HOA dues must still be considered while making our offer. So, we’ll need to factor in those when we make an offer.

how we make a cash offer 4

Our Profit:

As a business, we must look towards potential profits when buying a house for cash because our employees and families keep us afloat. But we want to make a fair cash offer, so we strive to limit our profit margins as much as possible so that you can get the best deal for your house or property.

Want to see how we calculate our cash offer?

And there you have it! You now understand our cash offer calculations. We are always determined to offer you the best possible while looking after our team. No matter your housing situation, we guarantee we will bid the highest with your and your family’s interests.

With our straightforward process and fair cash offer, it’s no surprise that most sellers choose us over real estate agents. Our reviews and testimonials demonstrate this clearly; look for yourself to see what clients say about working with us!

I’ve accepted your offer, now what? How long until we close?

A typical closing process for a company that buys houses usually takes 2-4 weeks, depending on individual circumstances. And if you’d instead take your time with the sale of your home, then there’s no rush – it can be done at any pace you choose!

We understand that the time you choose to close on your house is essential. Therefore, we are committed to finding a date that works best for you! Let’s break down the typical closing process so that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Step-1 Escrow

Once you decide that accepting our offer and selling your house for cash is the right choice, we will quickly send the purchase agreement and other relevant documents to our nearby title company. Moreover, as a gesture of trustworthiness and commitment, we will deposit earnest money into an approved account.

Next, one of our representatives will reach out to you with every detail you need and clarify if there’s anything else that the title company needs. Afterward, they’ll order a title and lien search. Meanwhile, we’ll book an inspection date remotely or in-person to meet your needs.

This typically takes 1-3 business days.

Step-2 Inspections and Title

After the initial assessment has been performed, we can get a better understanding of what kind of fixes and renovations are necessary. We may even need to arrange for an on-site home inspection as well.

If the title company is made aware of any issues concerning titles or liens, they will request additional information to resolve them. After this, you can rest assured that the title is clear and your sale can proceed smoothly.

This typically takes 1-2 Weeks.

Step-3 Close and Get Paid!

After completing Steps 1 and 2, it is time to plan the closing date so you can get your cash! Whether a title company works for you or if having a mobile notary come to your home at an appointed date would be more convenient for you, let us know what feels right.

As soon as all the paperwork is finalized, you have your pick of payment options: either a wire transfer to your bank account or a check from the title company. It’s entirely up to you! Usually, these methods are instantaneous, but sometimes, the funds may take one business day to become available.

This typically takes 1-7 days.

Why should I sell to you vs. list with a realtor?

We understand that a real estate agent might be the best choice for your home, and if we think you may benefit from selecting other routes of sale, then our team will let you know.

Our company is dedicated to providing you with whatever you need. Nevertheless, we would like to point out a few advantages and potential drawbacks when opting for the services of a realtor instead of selling your house directly for cash through us.



Selling to The Charleston House Guy



Traditional home sale


average commissions*

Selling process
Average days to close transaction
7-14 days
50 days
Average days to prep and stage home
0 days
10 days
Average number of showings
1 showing (Just Us)
20 showings
Transaction costs
Estimated Real Estate Agent Fees
6% on average is paid by you, the seller
Who Pays Closing Costs?
None – We pay closing costs
2% on average is paid by you, the seller
Inspection & Financing Contingency*
Yes, up to 15% of sales fall through
Estimated Home Ownership and Overlap
Repairs Needed To Sell Home
NONE – We pay for all repairs
Negotiated During Inspection Period


* Since we are not real estate agents, there are no commissions to sell your home to us.
* Cost and selling process estimates are based on industry data for the markets in which we operate.

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