Whether you’re selling your old house or building a new one, housing codes play a big role in the process. For sellers, a bad post-offer housing inspection can knock tens of thousands off your asking price, or worse, scare your buyer away.

Knowing how to keep your home up to code is important – but what exactly does that mean?

What Does ‘Up to Code’ Mean?

The phrase “up to code” is a fairly loose term, as housing and building codes can differ from place to place. But most local housing codes have roots in the International Building Code (IBC) guidelines.

The IBC incorporates many major international code guidelines, including the International Plumbing Code, the International Fire Code, the International Fuel Gas Code and so on.

Missing out on checking off any of these items on your list could result in a Code Violation:

  • Structural Strength: Are your home’s frame and foundation sturdy?
  • Means of Egress: Does your home have accessible emergency exits in case of fire?
  • Sanitation: Is your home’s plumbing draining water waste properly?
  • Lighting and Ventilation: Is your home well-lit and well-ventilated?
  • Energy Conservation: Is your home’s heating and cooling energy efficient?
  • Life Safety: Does your home have a fire-safe layout and building materials?

Code Violations

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