How to Sell Your Charleston House if You Live in a Bad Area

Perhaps your area of town was highly desirable when you purchased your home, but neighborhoods can experience severe changes over time. For example, with increasing crime rates and a drop in home values, areas tend decrease in desire due to those factors. 

When your property is in a bad area, with surrounding properties in varying states of disrepair, you will experience a negative effect on the value of your home. Continue reading to learn how to sell your Charleston house if you live in a bad area.

Start Right

Start by pricing your house properly. This can give you a better chance at selling your Charleston house if you live in a bad area. Remember, your buyer will likely be a first-time buyer limited to homes in your price range. Meeting the appraisal value for the loan will likely be most important. When homes are overpriced, no matter where in Charleston they are located, they tend to take longer to sell on the real estate market. The longer your home is on the market, the less profit you are likely to get from the sale. Buyers tend to make insultingly low offers when a home lingers on the MLS, assuming that there are hidden problems the listing is not showing that are turning other buyers away. You should also consider that buyers are looking through hundreds of listings at their fingertips through online resources and can quickly assess how much home they are getting for the money. Most buyers will simply move on if the price for your property doesn’t match the quality of the home. When the price is right, your home will, likely, sell quicker. For guidance, you should work with a professional who can help you pinpoint your asking price.


Another great way to catch the attention of buyers is to refresh the home itself when trying to sell your Charleston house live in a bad area. Think about curb appeal; you can achieve a more inviting look by adding thoughtfully placed landscaping. It is amazing how a few fixes and a fresh coat of paint can change the look of your home for the better, making it easier for buyers to overlook what may be a less than perfect neighborhood. However, you will want to remain on a budget and keep the updates inexpensive to prevent depleting your profits on the sale. In addition, you should limit the fixes so that the property still conforms to the surrounding property. Expansions or amenities that would typically raise the value of your house in another area of Charleston may serve to work against you. As a result, your home will be out of the buyers’ price range looking in your neighborhood, and it will be impossible to recoup your investment. Keep in mind that a lot of buying coming into these kind of areas are looking to scrap the home all together and build from the ground up.

The Charleston House Guy

When you decide to work with The Charleston House Guy to sell your Charleston house, you won’t have to worry anymore if you live in a bad area. The Charleston House Guy buys homes just as they are, so you won’t even need to lift a paintbrush! Even better, The Charleston House Guy pays cash! Closing is fast and guaranteed, usually within a few weeks or less. From start to finish, The Charleston House Guy will walk you through how we reach our final number to make certain you agree the offer is fair and you feel good walking away from your home.  The professionals at The Charleston House Guy go one step further, laying out for you what you would likely profit from the home if you sell with a conventional listing on the MLS with a traditional real estate agent. The Charleston House Guy wants to help you to earn the most you can when you sell your home and get stuck with paying outrageous commissions to yours and the buy’s realtor. To learn more ways The Charleston House Guy can help you, send us a message or call The Charleston House Guy at (843)548-5510.

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