Bad Tenants Stressing You Out?

If you’re asking yourself this question – the quick answer is YES. You have BAD tenants. And they are stressing you out. But just for fun we’re going to give you some quick guidelines to bad tenants. Hopefully, these will help clear up any questions you may have.

Signs You Have Bad Tenants:

  • Tenant Pays Rent Late Often
  • Is unresponsive when communicating. All calls go to voicemail and are not returned.
  • Makes unnecessary calls about “non-emergency” issues. i.e. toilet backed up because someone used an entire roll on number 1.
  • Damages property regularly.
  • Refuses to follow HOA guidelines resulting in fines/liens on the property.
  • Makes your life MORE difficult.

Signs You Should Sell Your Rental Property To Us:

Bad Tenants
Look Familiar? Proof of Bad Tenants.
  • Your stress level outweighs your return on investment.
  • You spend most of your time trying to track down your rent check.
  • You’ve been in court fighting for your rent check when you should be at the beach.
  • You live out of state and have to travel to solve every tenant issue.
  • You have to repair your property after every move out.
  • You receive SEVERAL HOA fines in the mail each month because your tenant refuses to keep up the yard, bring in trash bins, or park their car in designated spaces. And they throw massive Project X-like parties, etc.
  • You are losing hair. Literally, your hair is thinning. Every morning when you awake you find bits of hair on your pillow.
  • You have nightmares of these tenants speaking at your funeral. It was a murder. They are all suspects.

Having bad tenants is nothing to laugh at, even when their excuses for late rent this month may be funny. If you’re done being a landlord and dealing with all the hassle that comes with it, reach out to us. We’re here to help!

Look! A video on how we can help with your bad tenant problem:

How to Handle Bad Tenants

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